Emiconn Bre-Lock

Immobilizer/car motor lock with secure remote control


Electronic lock/immobilizer Emiconn Bre-Lock is a car hijack-preventing device which blocks the power supply of a vehicle’s units. The device works independently of embedded car protection systems as an additional equipment.
Emiconn Bre-Lock doesn’t work through CAN bus which makes without result any manipulation of the hijackers in the CAN bus through the diagnostic connector. Replacing the engine’s ECU will not help to start the car also.


- Is not subject to radio interception
- Radio jamming protection (secret lock/unlock button or reed switch)
- Dialog code (never repeats)
- Dialog сode lifetime 0.1 sec
- Individual encryption keys 128 bits (AES-128)
- Random number generator (interference)
- Frequency 2.4 GHz
- LED lock/unlock identification
- Normal open + normal closed relay contacts

1 — Power
2 — Transistor key
3 — Relay (COM — common, NO — normally open, NC — normally closed)
4 — Reserve button (BTN) and Start flag (St)

Protected radio channel

  The remote control of Emicon Bre-lock operates at 2.4 GHz band. Channel protection is ensured with AES-128 encryption and a dynamic dialog code.
  The immobiliser is resistant to relay attack as it activates only with pressing control buttons. When the device is idle, it doesn’t respond to any signals and works in low-power mode. Every single device of the Emiconn Bre-Lock series has unique encryption keys and uses different channels.
  The described set of security measures ensures broadcast signal privacy.

Hardware control

Hardware control is implemented with power relay (up to 15A) and MOSFET transistors (up to 8A).

Conditional scheme:

Base module specification:

- Operating voltage 12 V
- Standby current 10 mA
- Current consumption with relay on 100 mA
- Relay max switching current 15 A
- MOSFET max switching current 8 A
- Ambient temperature −30 °C ... +60 °C

Remote control specification:

- Operating voltage 3 V (CR2032)
- Ambient temperature −25 °C ... +60 °C